30 Days of Self Care: Born of Breakdown

I cry every. single. day.

I used to experience this as a defeat, that something was wrong.

Then I learned it’s my body’s way of processing the emotions around some trauma I’ve experienced.

Nothing’s wrong.

Quite the opposite.

My body, mind, and spirit are strong enough to release the emotion I was too scared to deal with.

The problem is, I’ve been holding onto it for YEARS.

So it’s gonna take some time to get it all out.

So I work a daily cry into my day.

I turn it into a tonglen meditation so that I will soften.

I teach you how to do that in my course.

How to turn these hard moments of being human into loving kindness.

If you’d like to learn how to do that, you can totally study it for free.

If you need a guide to get you going, consider my course.

Hang in there, friends.

Keep going.

This is all about learning how to have a hard time, with grace, with growth, with love 💛