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15 Everyday Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress and Soreness

"Your tired legs are using gravity to drain lactic acid and excess fluid toward your kidneys," she explained. Meanwhile, "your aching back muscles are sighing at the firm support of your floor and gradually relaxing."

HOME CARDIO WORKOUTS: 39 Experts Share Their Ideas

These are my favorite cardio moves you can do anywhere:

Do a round of 20 seconds as hard as you can go, 10 seconds off, 2 minutes rounds of each set (so 2 sets each)

A Yoga Playlist For Self-Love, Courtesy Of Expert Yoga Teachers

I need a good mix of energizing, relaxing, and neutral music to help my students take an aural journey and inspire their bodies to move in a way that feels like a dance.

How To Trust Your Intuition & Discover Your Purpose

I appreciated this complementary recommendation from meditation coach and yoga teacher, Morgan Balavage, “You can practice with simple questions, like: What should I eat for breakfast? And then noticing how you feel when you do what your intuition suggests. You will build your trust in yourself this way. Build up to asking the big questions, like: What should I do with my life? until you are prepared to act on whatever the answer is.”

Daily Nutrition Guide For Vegans: 33 Experts Shared Their Tips

The more colorful the food you eat, the more micronutrients you’re getting, the happier your body is going to be.


The more load you put on your body, the sooner your body will get the message, “Hey brain, we need more muscle here!”

35 Experts Share How To Improve Emotional Health & Wellness

I literally give people only one piece of advice: meditate.

11 Experts Say How To Manifest Love & Money (For Real)

To attract money, you need to live richly. That does not mean buying anything. It means using money as a tool to serve your purpose.

What Is the Point of Life? (21 Inspirational and Motivational Answers)

The point of life is to develop the understanding of the universal truth that we are all energetically connected; that we are all the same; that if one of us is suffering, then all of us are suffering. Once you accept that truth, you are free.

30 Reasons Why Life Is so Hard (And What You Can Do About It)

Life is hard because you came here for a challenge. You came here, with this consciousness, to develop your compassion muscle, to learn how to live in appreciative joy, to be as kind to others as you are to your best self.

What Does Falling in Love Feel Like? (According to 12 Men and Women)

What happens when you fall in love is, you’ve met a kindred spirit whose light will shine on your darkest places. It can be uncomfortable! Scary, even, to delve into those parts of ourselves we’ve been hiding. But if you’ve fallen in love with a worthy partner, you will feel safe enough to heal those wounds

11 Unexpected Ways You Hold Emotional Pain In Your Body

To treat both the physical and the emotional symptoms, try yin yoga, she says. "It is an accessible (as in, all bodies can do it) but advanced (as in, for your mind) practice, and can be a beautiful physical release of emotional pain."

The Best Workout Leggings Based On Your Workout

You'll want a high waist that stays put regardless of how much bending and stretching you do. But that's not the only thing to look for. If you're hitting a hot yoga class, seek out a fabric that dries quickly, says yoga instructor Morgan Balavage. Practicing at a slower pace? "Soft fabrics that gently hug the skin allow for unconstricted movement.”

Best Green Superfood Powders (To Buy in 2019)

I’m obsessed with Sun Potion green powders, especially their chlorella (instant energy burst), moringa (anxiety relief), and ashitaba (vegan blood builder).

Are Yoga Retreats Worth It?

Were they valuable experiences, wherein I learned a lot about myself, deepened my yoga practice, made some friends, and had an adventure? Absolutely, in that sense, they were worth it, especially since I feel like I’ve have the experience and don’t need it anymore. 

8 Ways To Declutter Your Life, Because Your Closet Isn't The Only Thing That Needs Cleaning This Spring

“Light some candles, write a letter about the wonderful things that person brought to your life, and imagine an energetic cord connecting your sternum to theirs,” Balavage explains. “Let all the images of that relationship swirl around your thoughts. Wish them well, look directly at them in your mind's eye, and imagine a giant pair of scissors cutting that energetic cord.”

Here's How Mindfulness Can Help Stress & The Way You Deal With It, According To Science

Even physical activities, such as yoga, dancing, even going through the motions of hugging a friend, can make you feel more at ease, Morgan Balavage, a wellness coach and yoga instructor, tells Elite Daily. The goal is to stay grounded, stay connected, and be gentle with yourself. You're only human, and hey, stress is part of that. It's normal to feel stressed once in awhile, but it's not OK to let it consume you.

[Cross-published at Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry]

What Makes Introverts Happy

I discovered that it was far less draining to exist in a crowd without having to interact with anyone in particular, so I started going to shows by myself, and still do to this day! 

I Tried It: Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (SUP Yoga)

Morgan’s philosophy is to make paddleboard yoga approachable for people who have never been on a paddleboard or practiced on a mat.

Let's Get Physical: How Active People Use Cannabis to Get in the Zone

Yoga instructor Morgan Balavage has also found success using cannabis topicals and has found them to be especially helpful in healing from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

3 Yoga Poses To Achieve Maximum Sleepitude

You’re tired but you can’t sleep. I get it; you’ve got a lot going on and it’s hard to stop your monkey mind from playing with all the thoughts you’d rather not think, all those cringeable moments of mortification, like that time you boarded a flight and the check-in agent said, “Have a great flight!” and you responded, “You too!” How awkward.