How to Manifest Love & Money

Isn’t that what’s missing from your life? Love? Money? If only you had more of each, life would be complete.

splendid yoga how to manifest love

To attract love, you need to live in love.

Love has a feeling associated with it, but it really is more of an action.

The feeling of love is the result of the action of loving, kind of like the feeling of soreness is the result of strengthening our muscles.

Every decision that we make, from how we feed ourselves to what shoes we wear, either helps us or hurts us. Choose the things that make you feel loved.

Choose the foods that give you energy to move the body the way you want.

Move your body a lot - that's how you love your body.

Spend your time aligning yourself with your purpose. (Contact me if you don’t know your purpose and we’ll work on it.) Love will easily follow.

splendid yoga how to manifest money

To attract money, you need to live richly.

That does not mean buying anything. It means using money as a tool to serve your purpose.

For example, if your goal is to go to medical school to learn how to heal people because you know in your heart that you are a healer, and you are clear on exactly what you need to make that happen, you can manifest that money.

It's always a surprise where it comes from, and you have to work for it, but it'll be just enough to get you where you need to be.

The way to manifest both love and money is to meditate, every day, on your purpose.

You can work with a guide such as myself, but it's very possible to attain by yourself if you have the discipline for a daily 20 minute seated meditation silently listening to your intuition.