Thai massage healing sessions combine a few different modalities depending on the specific issue and goal.

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Morgan Balavage has trained for the past decade in several healing modalities, including:

Morgan teaches her clients how to heal themselves 😊 Here is how one of her clients describes the work:

Working with Morgan has changed my life. Morgan helped me connect deeper with my energy and my intuition. This allowed me to better understand myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I had tried to implement a daily meditation for several years but it always felt like a chore and never stuck. Morgan gave me the tools to make meditation enjoyable and make it something to look forward to each morning. It now feels like a sacred ritual rather than a chore. Morgan is kind, open, and wise, she knows when to ask challenging questions and when to offer guidance. I didn’t realize how many ways working with Morgan would change my life. She a rare soul and I am so grateful for her as a friend and a mentor.

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