3 Easy Self-Care Tips for Busy People


You can only care for others as well as you care for yourself.

Here are three ways to bring a bit of self-care to your day:

  • Meditate

First thing in the morning.

Wake up. Brush teeth. Sit.

Continue on with your life.

  • Breathe

Set alarms on your phone for random times during the week with the label "Breathe."

When they go off, close your eyes and fill your lungs beyond their capacity,.

Hold it just until the discomfort turns to panic.

Exhale so slowly out of your nose.

Continue on with your life.

  • Queue Core Work:

While standing in line, feel your two feet on the ground.

Lift up out of your ankles.

Lift up out of your knees.

Do a Kegel.

Lift up and in through your belly.

Draw your low ribs in.

Lift your chest up.

Draw your two ears back.

Inhale through your nose.


Engage all your corset muscles.

Exhale through your nose.

Hug all your muscles to their bones.

Release everything.

Repeat until you get to the front of the line.

Continue on with your life.