Splendid.Yoga Morning Cuppa: The Power of Adaptogens

I don't specifically avoid caffeine, but I find my body feels best when I ease it into the day rather than jumpstarting it.

I've gone through phases with coffee (even though I am now vegan, I will wax poetic about the cappuccino I had several years ago at Linari in Rome), could barely get through a day without a proper cuppa during the grey months I spent in London, and my college breakfast was often Red Bull and a Kamel Red (oh youth).

These days, even green tea gives me the jitters if I drink it first thing, so I developed this blend using Sun Potion adaptogens, which may provide clarity, immunity, and overall wellness.

Adaptogens are natural substances that ease the body's efforts towards homeostasis. Feeling stressed? Out of balance? Unfocused? Adaptogens may help!

Here's why I drink these bad boys every morning:

splendid.yoga rhodiola adaptogen

Known as a 'brain oxygenator,' this root extract may increase athletic output by allowing our erythrocytes (they're just red blood cells) to carry more oxygen throughout our bodies.

Specifically, it may allow neurons a more receptive sensitivity to serotonin and dopamine, which are crucial for focus and good vibes.

I use it primarily for its benefits in healing My Anxiety. Here's an abstract of a study that suggests a correlation between rhodiola and stress management:

Rhodiola rosea extract (RRE) fulfils important requirements. It is the main adaptogen approved by the HMPC/EMA for the indication 'stress' and influences the release of stress hormones while boosting energy metabolism as revealed in animal literature. RRE offers comprehensive treatment of stress symptoms and can prevent chronic stress and stress-related complications.

More info in the shop.

splendid.yoga adaptogen reishi

This was my gateway adaptogen. Known as the "queen healer" (literally the only reason I bought it), it may provide immunity support and stress relief, and it may do a whole bunch of other stuff as well (you can check out all its potential benefits in the shop). It's been studied pretty extensively with proven positive health benefits:

  • anticancer effects 
  • blood glucose regulation
  • antioxidant
  • antibacterial and antiviral effects
  • protection against liver and gastric injury

I like it for its calming effects and its long history of promoting longevity.

splendid.yoga adaptogen mucuna pruriens

The kind people at Sun Potion talked me into this one. As someone who deals with hormonal depression, I am always seeking new ways to support my brain's ability to be cheerful (or more scientifically, to increase my body's ability to balance my dopamine levels).

It also has a benefit if you happen to have testicles: it helps with male infertility

M. pruriens efficiently recovers the spermatogenic loss induced due to EE administration. 

More relevant to my experience, it's a scientifically proven source of L-Dopa, which, thanks to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and convert to dopamine, and so may improve motivation (a debilitating side effect of depression) as dopamine is associated with mediating reward-based desire.

Learn all about it in the shop.

splendid.yoga adaptogen cacao

Organic, raw, and fair trade, cacao powder is not just for the deliciousness (although that's a big part of why I include it in my blend). It's got a bit of caffeine (about half that of a cup of green tea), but not so much that My Anxiety gets all riled up. The flavanoid epicatechin (stay with me) has been studied to show some cognitive benefits, including potentially lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer's:

...regular dietary inclusion of flavanols could be one element of a dietary approach for the maintaining and improving brain health 

Sometimes I add an extra scoop of cacao to my morning mug just when I need a little extra sumptuousness. 


A girlfriend turned me onto maca after I discovered yerba mate is associated with cancer. In addition to giving me a bit of an energetic boost (likely due to the fact that it's an excellent source of protein and amino acids, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals), it may reverse osteoporosis, has anticarcinogenic properties, and may help with male infertility by increasing sperm count. Powerful stuff!

Morgan Balavage