What to do when you're feeling depressed



1. Acknowledge your depression

You exist beyond your depression. Say hello to it. Tell it you're going to take care of it. Mentally hug it.

2. Keep a list in the notes of your phone of 5 friends you can call anytime

Someone who will listen to you cry without trying to stop you.

Someone who can always makes you laugh.

Someone who loves you unconditionally.

Someone you can be silent with.

Someone who tells a good story.

Text them all and ask them to call you back. 

3. Lay down on the floor and cry

Just let it out.

Notice where you feel it the most. Put your hand there.

Sob unabashedly.

Let the ground hold you.

Surrender completely.

4. Drink a big glass of water

After the tears have abated. 

Nothing fancy.

Maybe a favorite glass.

5. Wash your face with a cold washcloth

The colder, the better.

Feel your body's reaction to it.

6. Go outside

Put on big sunglasses. Take a walk. You don't have to go far; just around the block. Find a bloom and congratulate the plant for producing such a splendid specimen. Say it out loud. Laugh softly at your silliness.

7. Make a cup of tea

Something soothing. A chamomile. A roiboos. 

8. Watch an episode of your favorite show

The one you've seen a million times.

I like a Scrubs binge. 

9. Meditate

Think about the last person you hugged. Wish them wellness and freedom from suffering.

Wish yourself wellness and freedom from suffering.

10. Rest


Good work.