30 days of self care splendid yoga

Day 4

Yesterday, I introduced the concept of thanking your past self for the things you did to support your current self.

Like crawling into a well-made bed at the end of the day.

Like having a fridge full of healthy food.

Like working an extra shift so you don’t have to stress about paying rent next month.

All of these things benefit from the concept of delayed gratification.

We live in a culture that rewards instant gratification.

Here’s the cycle we get stuck in:

When you want something NOW, you can usually make that happen for yourself.

If you want to buy something NOW, you can use your credit card.

When you need energy NOW, you can drink coffee.

When you need reassurance NOW, you can post something on Instagram.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is, the effects of these things are temporary.

Future you has to pay for it, and future you usually ends up paying more for it.

You get your new phone or dress or snack, and if it’s not in your budget, you pay interest on your credit card. Suddenly, that $500 phone or $10 snack costs twice as much thanks to the magic of interest.

You get your caffeine jolt, but then crash and are more tired because you’re borrowing energy from the future.

You get your esteem boost from the social media reactions, but it only lasts as long as a notification.

And you end needing it more and more often.

It’s an addictive cycle.

So how to you break the cycle?

You’re doing it.

You’re making a statement by reading these emails: “I want to learn how to take care of myself so that I am not beholden to the wants and desires of my ego.”

Here’s how we’re going to break it:

Meditation, friends.

You’ve already been doing it!

We’ve been doing some simple breathing exercises, just to get the body used to the idea that it can be still, and that it actually feels pretty good.

We’re going to talk more today about the concept of mindfulness.

Ready for it?

Hooray! Let’s practice being mindful!

Sweet! This is an active shoulder opening sequence. The shoulders are where the ego places the burden of its wants.

Glorious! Let’s do some journaling!

 Keep in touch, y’all!