Basic Black Legging Review: Lululemon Align II 25" Legging

Lululemon Align Pant II 25”

thickness / see-through level / ustrasana effect

Brand new, these leggings are so soft, so comfy. I have never really craved pants before until I put these buttery bad boys on my skin. You’ll definitely see panty-lines, but no skin in your down dog. However, the ustrasana effect (cameltoe) can be pronounced without a thong.

longevity / pilling /fading

The soft fabric pills easily as a result of its fragility. I don’t mind this so much, even though I have pretty significant chub rub and all of my pants pill at the inner tights. I can usually get a few years of public wear out of them and then retire them to period leggings. I have Align leggings that are 5+ years old and still black as coal.

support / activity

These are made for gentle yoga, and so are not super supportive for high impact sports. I don’t mind wearing them in a hot yoga class, but find myself saving these for my mellower practices.

anything else?

Did y’all know lulu tailors their stuff for free? It’s true! Such a glorious offering for shorties like me.