Yoga Mat Review: Mantra LUXE PRO 28

Score: 🙏🙏🙏

Cost: $119

Size: 28” x 76” x 6.5mm So thick!

Weight: 7.4 lbs

Appropriate for: Soft enough for restorative, sticky enough for hot yoga, this mat is appropriate for all yoga classes with no yoga towel necessary. Bring it, hotties.

Pros: Giant, super sticky, crazy absorbent, comes with a strap.
Cons: It’s so big, y’all. 7 lbs! Also, off-gassing.

There are many great things about this mat, and one giant reason why it’s not my every day mat: it’s so heavy, y’all.

The size was great in those super crowded classes when the studio is mat-to-mat. I am a very short, so it was like a yoga mat playground. It’d probably be excellent for those of you with giraffe legs and gorilla limbs.

Made in China and assembled in the US of Polyurethane and Natural Rubber, it definitely has some off-gassing (my repeated requests for the environmental impact of their materials went unanswered). The material, while potentially problematic, makes for a great open-cell (i.e., absorbent) mat. I was super impressed by the stickiness.

I used it several times a week in hot yoga classes for a few months, and the green color started to darken around my feet and hands where my sweat pools, so it does stain. I let it dry out hanging overnight (Mantra’s care instructions are to spot clean with soapy water) and occasionally in the sunshine if it needed a little….disinfecting.

I loved using this mat when I could store it at my local studio, but it was eventually stolen, and I didn’t love it enough to buy it due to its heft. I like a mat I can tote on my bike.