30 days of self care splendid yoga

Day 3

Did you make your bed this morning?

They say it takes 7 days to form a habit.

No wait, it takes 11 days.

Actually, you need 3 months.

Here’s the truth:

there’s no such thing as a habit.

To have a habit would mean that you are beholden to your past choices.

That you have given up your free will.

That you are not present with what is.

We’re not building habits here.

We’re creating rituals.

Here’s the thing about your bed:

You spend a significant amount of life sleeping there.

And you want more of it.

More sleep.

Because you think that will help you feel more rested.

That’s not necessarily true.

We talk about that in our 60 minute ritual today.

But I want you to remember:

everything you do at any given moment is a choice.

Choose the things that make you feel good.

I’ve personally never been mad at myself for making my own bed.

Most of the time, bedtime Morgan is delighted that morning Morgan was so thoughtful.

You know what I mean?

Go make your bed, if you haven’t already.

Might be time to change those sheets, too.

Give future you a chance to be delighted by past you.

Ready for today’s adventure?

Hooray! You get to spend 5 minutes learning how to turn off your fight or flight response using a variation on the meditation we did on Day 1.

Sweet! I’ve got a gentle shoulder practice for you. We’ll move through two poses and long holds with lots of options to get deeper into those rotator cuff muscles (anatomy fun fact: the rotator cuffs are comprised of the SITS muscles: supraspinatus, infraspanatus, teres minor, and subscapularis. So when you say you’ve torn your rotator cuff, I am always going to respond with: which one??)

Glorious! You’re going to learn how to wake up feeling rested!

 Keep in touch, y’all!