30 days of self care splendid yoga

These first several days are going to be about creating a morning routine that will set you up for your best day.

Did you make your bed? It’s a nice thing to do for your bedtime self.

What do you do with the rest of your morning?

Is it a rush of organizing yourself, your family, a bit panicked from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed?

Is it a snooze button party?

I used to have mornings like that.

I was a ball o’ stress from the moment I woke up, like a trainwreck of everything I thought I HAD to do that day was crashing right in front of me.

I would wake up exhausted, already displeased with whatever office I was obliged to attend.

I felt like I didn’t have a choice.

I felt trapped.

I needed my job to afford my life, and I was spending my money on the things I needed to make me feel better about spending all my time working a job I didn’t value.

I needed my life to change, but I didn’t know where to start.

Someone suggested I make my bed.

Just as a place to start.

So I did, literally.

But then I started to make my bed in other aspects of life, metaphorically.

I started cleaning up the place where I’d been resting, where I’d been stagnant.

Toxic people fell away from my life.

Opportunities for work and travel abounded.

I found a way to live in the world with ease.

Now, I wake up when I want to, usually around 4am.

Sometimes, it’s a panicky hour for me, not because of my life, but because of the energy building in the twilight: everyone else is trapped, about to wake up exhausted and panicked.

To deal with this panic, someone suggested I go outside first thing in the morning.

So I did that, too.

It made it easier, somehow,

to face my day,

when I started it

with my feet in the earth

So that’s what I’m going to suggest to you.

Go get your feet in grass or sand or dirt first thing in the morning, right after you make your bed.

Just for a few breaths.

Take it all in.


Hooray! You get to spend 5 minutes learning nadi shodhana! No big deal: alternate nostril breathing is a method for soothing anxiety.

Sweet! I’ve got an energizing hip opening yoga practice all ready for you. We’ll build on the practice we started yesterday with some complimentary balancing poses.

Glorious! Let’s get you grounded! Nothing resets quite like mother nature.

 Keep in touch, y’all!