30 days of self care splendid yoga

Day 12

Here’s the thing about your solar plexus chakra:

Because it’s your source of will power, it can get depleted very easily.

We use will power for so many things.

Every decision you make requires the will power to make the choice that will either make you feel better or make your feel worse.

Sometimes it’s kind of fun to make the decision that you know is going to make you feel worse.

But for the kind of lifestyle you’re aiming for, it’s usually an easier choice to aim towards the option that makes you feel better.

We’re gonna figure out what exactly it is that makes you feel better today.


Let’s do it:

Hooray! Let’s RAM some will power into your spirit.

Sweet! Let’s do some yin poses for spinal muscle relief.

Glorious! It’s a journaling exercise!

 Keep in touch, y’all!