Yoga Mat Review: Lululemon The Reversible (Un) Mat Lightweight Travel

*If you buy something from this link, I may receive a small commission.

*If you buy something from this link, I may receive a small commission.

Score: ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Cost: $48

Size: 26โ€ x 71โ€ x 3mm

Weight: 2.3 lbs

Appropriate for: All vinyasa yoga, including hot yoga. May be too thin for restorative and yin yoga.

Pros: Super sticky, fairly absorbent, lightweight
Cons: Requires towel for super hot classes, might be too thin if you need padding for joints. Some off-gassing.

After losing my Manduka travel mat, I picked this one up hoping the open-cell technology would be absorbent enough for even my puddliest sweaty yoga classes.

While I love how thin because I can connect with the floor, it means that it just canโ€™t absorb as much sweat, and eventually the sweat starts to pool and the mat suddenly becomes impossibly slippery. Itโ€™s not ideal if I have to throw down a towel halfway through class. It also means that thereโ€™s very little padding, which can be hard on my spine and knees.

It dries out well overnight when hung. I spray it down with diluted tea tree oil every so often and have not noticed any ill effects, but Lulu suggests that you spot clean only. I have the black one, and after about 30 practices, I have not noticed any discoloring or staining. However, the lighter colors definitely stain permanently.

Recommended if you donโ€™t mind carrying around a towel for your hottest practices. This would be perfect for a non-heated practice, so long as you donโ€™t need a padded mat.