30 days of self care splendid yoga

Day 7

We’re delving into the chakras, friends!

The basics: the chakra system is the yogic way of understanding the subtle body - which is another way of saying your nervous system (sort of).

It’s not quantifiable by molecules, so it’s not measurable by western science.

But we can feel it.

And we can heal through it.

Today, it’s all about muladhara chakra - your root chakra!

Your source of security and rootedness, when this bad boy malfunctions, hoooooo mama.

That’s when you start binge eating or shopping or latching onto ANYTHING that feels like security.

But those things are temporary.

So you need more.

We end up in a cycle of needing to acquire in order to feel whole.

Let’s break the cycle.

Here are some methods for balancing your root chakra:

Hooray! Let’s build a sense of security.

Sweet! This is a warming modified sun salutation designed to ground your root chakra.

Glorious! I’ve got a podcast for you!

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