Private Yoga Teacher Mentorships

Y'all, please stop working for free.

Ready to live a life aligned with your purpose?


Do you want to build a sustainable yoga business? We can mentor you into creating a life as a yoga teacher that serves your community.

Do you want to learn more about your body and deepen your practice? We can dig into the brilliance of the asana practice to get you working towards your unicorn poses (those shapes that you’d love to make in your body but don’t know how you ever could!).

Do you want to heal your mind, body, and spirit? That is part of the process, one way or another!

Splendid Yoga offers private, one-on-one teacher trainings, with the intention of building a sustainable yoga business.

We love offering this training to all levels of yogis, whether you’ve already got your first 200 hour under your belt and are looking for a more focused mentorship, or you’ve never stepped foot in a yoga studio but know that there’s something to yoga and that learning more about it will serve you.

We work around your schedule to teach you everything you want to know about to use the magic of yoga to live a life aligned with your purpose, and everything you need to know about how to build your yoga business (if that’s where you decide your journey will take you).

We cover all our yogic bases, from the history and philosophy of yoga to the fascinating and relevant anatomy details surrounding the asanas. It is truly a life changing experience.

Is time an issue? We can spread your program out anywhere between 2 and 12 months.

Is money tight? We offer payment programs and sliding scale depending on your unique situation.

Do you already have your 200 hour certificate but still want to get deeper into the juiciness that yoga has to offer? We can create an extended training just for you to dig deeper into the subjects that will serve you and your students and provide coaching to build your yoga business.

Anatomy nerd? We’ll give you the language, knowledge, and skill-set to impress your students that you know the different between your olecranon process and your medial malleolus.

Interested in inversions? We’ll deepen your personal practice and teach you how to teach through students’ fears, strengths, weaknesses, and curiosities.

Thanks to our unique one-on-one mentorship, you get to program your training per your particular goals, desires, and schedule.

We work with clients in person in Southern California and online through recorded video conferences.

Are you ready? I’d love to discuss more with you!

Let’s set up a private consultation to see how we can help make your life better.