Energy: Chlorella


Energy: Chlorella


Looks dudes, I’m not gonna lie, this stuff tastes like butt, but(t), it’ll make you feel AH-MAZING. Pinky swear the gag reflex is worth it.

I want it!
I use Sun Potion products to make myself feel amazing. Sometimes the going down does not feel amazing.
Magic beans help!

Organic Chlorella Powder
As a building block of the freshwater food chain, this algae contains:
• 10% Chlorophyll
• 50% Protein
• Essential Fatty Acids
• Chlorella Growth Factor & may support gentle detoxification of heavy metals.
Suggested Use
Mix 2 grams (1 tsp) is a glass of water first thing in the morning! Increase serving size as
desired. Excellent in smoothies, soups and on whole grains & salads!
Our Source
100% Organic chlorella algae with sound frequency cracked cell wall, Taiwan.