Cognition: Lion's Mane

Cognition: Lion's Mane


May help with brain function, immune health, allergy response, and a healthy libido. Hooray!

Yes please!

Brain + Nervous System Tonic
This organically grown Lion's Mane Mushroom powder may support:
• Memory
• Mental Clarity
• Enhanced Concentration
• Nervous System
• Athletic Recovery
• Balanced Mood
Invitations for Use
Add 1/2 teaspoon to your water, tonics, coffee, or tea.
Makes an excellent, adaptogenic ingredient in broths, soups, salad dressings, sparkling
elixirs, smoothies,shakes, raw chocolate and busy schedules!
In Joy!
Contains 55 Servings
Certified Organic US Grown full spectrum Lion's Mane Mushroom: fruit body, primordia,
spores and extracellular compounds produced throughout the entire life cycle. Minimally
processed with a beneficial enzyme for optimum bioavailability.
Lion’s mane, scientifically known as Hericium Erinaceus is found and cultivated in Northern
America, Europe, and Asia. It is a widely known medicinal mushroom and has been used
for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. At certain points in history, this odd-looking
fungus was reserved for royalty, due to its noticeable benefits supporting brain health and
its regal, lion-like appearance. The most well-developed research on the benefits of Lion’s
Mane focuses on its cognitive functions, with new studies pointing to its powerful abilities
when used by people who have Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (1). Lion’s mane is
used often for brain health; recently there was a study conducted on 50 to 80-year-old
Japanese men and women who were diagnosed with “mind cognitive impairment” who
participated in a controlled, double bind study where the use of lion’s mane mushroom
showed “significantly increased scores” on their cognitive function performance. “The
results obtained in this study suggest that Yamabushitake (lion’s mane) is effective in
improving mind cognitive impairment (2).”
NGF, known as the Nerve Growth factor is a main component in the compounds of this
mushroom. This factor provides a key role in our bodies regulation of growth, maintenance,
and survival of certain neurons. In another study, it was concluded that consumption of
Lion’s mane “contains active compounds that stimulate NGF synthesis” (3). Other features

of consuming Lion’s mane regularly include its ability to support digestive health and the
circulatory system. This mushroom has high antioxidant levels and may improve the
functions of your stomach and digestive system. In recent studies, the use of this mushroom
has shown to shrink stomach ulcers (4).